GLOID Project

GLOID (Genetic and Lifestyle Origins Of Inflammation in Depression) is a project funded by the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship scheme.


Project Summary

Depression is a major cause of disability worldwide. Its cause is unknown and treatments are not optimal. Research to better identify, characterise and treat depression needs to be major priority. The GLOID project attempts to contribute to this effort by focusing on inflammation.

Inflammation may be involved in the onset and progression of depression. People with depression have elevated levels of inflammatory mediators in the blood. However, it is unclear whether the source of this inflammation is genetic, environmental, or some interaction. A likely environmental source is unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, including physical inactivity and smoking.

The aim of the GLOID project is to investigate whether inflammation-related genes interact with unhealthy lifestyle in depression and its remission. In doing so, the GLOID project contributes to the effort to establish whether inflammation is one of cause of depression.